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sad looking group b bonsai tree

My best persent last Christmas was My little Bonsai tree.. Soon green started looking brown and falling off, tree dying??.. I stripped off every dead part, leaving basicly a couple of branches on a trunk. In desporation and I dug tree out of pot.. Not an easy job, it was as if top ground was painted with some kind of clear coating and under was almost rock hard. I repotted tree.. with a week new leaves started appearing on branches.. new grouth is not green,,it's hard and brown but not dead, maybe it's just Me but I can see just a hint of green!.. I can see it's trying but I'm missing something it needs!!. Can Ya help??

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There's not much we can say without an ID. Do you know what type it is or have pictures? Good care for one type of tree will kill another.

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Good news it's trying to come back but Bonsai tree is not 1 single type of tree and not everyone has experience with every type of bonsai tree so an id is a must.

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