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Serissa Losing Leaves & not Bubbling When Watered

I've had problems with this serissa from the start. About two months ago it started to look good. Then I noticed I was losing soil when watering so I added some scotts miracle Grow on top. At first it did great than I noticed the branches staring to lose leaves one by one, going counter clockwise from 3:00. Now I have one branch with leaves. When I water it it does not bubble at all. I just leave it in for about a half hour every 3rd to 4th day.

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Serissa is a notoriously fickle species, but can still be great as bonsai. Generally potting soil such as what you are using are avoided in bonsai, generally a looser, more inorganic mix is used. Check out the some of the articles in the learning library forum for a more detailed description of bonsai potting mixes.

I don't have any personal experience with serissa, but according to [url=https://www.bonsai-bci.com/species/serissa.html]this[/url] article, leaf drop is common and it should grow back. Just remember that a tree with no leaves will not need as much water, and remember that some of the watering instructions on this site and others will assume a free draining potting mix. Most of them emphasize not watering on a schedule and watering based on the needs of the tree and the dryness of the soil. I think every 3rd or 4th day would be overwatering for an indoor tree with a very organic potting mix.

Also if the nighttime temperatures in your area are consistently above 50F, I would try to get your tree outside, preferably somewhere where it can get morning sun, but will be protected from afternoon sun.

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