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How to prune this plant (Schefflera)?

I apologise for my gardening ignorance!

I have a small apartment with the following pot plant (amongst others).


It's growing a bit too long for my liking, particularly the long stalk before the leaves appear. How should I prune this? Is it one of those plants I can snip and replant without the root? I don't have a garden, so can't really replant it outdoors.

Thanks in advance!

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tree in a little pot

The pot is way too small for your plant. If you put it in a bigger pot it will look better and do better and not be so top heavy.

If you want to keep it small, you are really talking about bonsai and would do well to post your question in the bonsai section where people know a lot about that kind of thing.

I'm thinking if you just cut it off at the trunk the top part will die. Depending on how hardy it is, the tree may grow back from the root. (But you are risking that the root will just die too).

If you want to start a cutting, cut off a small part from the growing tip, dip that in rooting powder and put it in moist soil, with something over it (like a glass or plastic jar) to maintain humidity.
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I believe this is a Schefflera. Check in the Indoor Bonsai Forum or Search the Forum. This is one of the plants often recommended for indoor Bonsai culture, and I'm sure folks there will know what to do.

:idea: Better yet, I'm moving this to the Indoor Bonsai Forum so they'll be sure to see your thread. I can always move it back to Container Gardening if you don't want to go the Bonsai route. :wink:

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This definitely appears to be a Schefflera.

These guys will back bud like no body's business, they can pretty much take anything that you throw at them.

It is quite possible you can pot up whatever you cut of and get a rooting, but I haven't had an success in this area for this species yet. I'm still a beginner with these guys.

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You could cut it back pretty far, I would leave at least 2-3 leaves on it though. They can be grown from cuttings so I would pot up whatever you cut off. Keep in mind they do take a little time to root so be patient. I also think something is lacking with this plant. It should be able to hold itself up even with the amount of top growth it has. These plants usually have a thicker trunk than this one does. I would suspect that between the small pot and maybe lack of light it is struggling. How much light is it getting and when is the last time it had fresh dirt? How often do you fertilize? Once this little guy is getting what it needs I think you are going to be much happier with it.

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Thanks guys for your reply - gosh, that was almost a year ago. It wasn't a troll post, but I never got round to responding.

When my Mother came round she ended up pruning most of the leaves at the top - I agree that this plant is very sturdy which is great for me : most of my other endeavours have not survived, either because of the room temperature or (frankly I don't know, I don't believe I under or over water).

Yes, the pot is small, and no unfortunately I have not fertilised at all over the years. Perhaps I should. It does get some sunlight but it's an east facing apartment so only morning sunshine.

Will put it closer to the window and see what happens. Thanks for the help - look forward to being more active on this forum now as I try to plant some new items.

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