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I'd never ue tap water, flouride will kill them every time. Bottle water is the only way to go.
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Lucky bamboo

I had a lucky bamboo for about 5 years now. Or rather, three, as the are each individual plants.
I put them in a glass vase with small stones and water. They are standing on a shelf near a window although they get hardly any direct sunlight, and even then only for half the day. They grew a few shoots over the years but that was about all. Recently one of them dried out and died so I removed it but the others are still green.
It seems the most important thing is to avoid direct sunlight and keep the water level slightly above the level of the growing medium.

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On pg 1 of this thread is my lucky bamboo experience. It flourished in my bathroom with no direct light, given nothing but water direct from the tap.

Died immediately when I put it out on my deck where it got direct morning sun for a few hours each day.
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I picked up a lucky bamboo from the grocery store about a year ago. Think I paid all of $3.00 for it.


The pot it came in is on the right. About 2 months ago I put it in a much larger pot. Currently sits on the windowsill in my kitchen. No direct sunlight. Growing like crazy. Used cactus and succulent soil for it. Pot has no drainage but about 3 inches of gravel in the bottom. Just been judging the need for water by the weight. Don't know if it'll be 'lucky bamboo' anymore. Just looking to turn it into a large houseplant.
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