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Indoor Bonsai

I have a desk top water fall (serenity fountain) in my office. I made a three sided planter from slate I purchased and had cut and fabricated that surrounds the fountain.
The light is a low voltage haleogen lamp and my office is lit with flourescent lighting.
The humidity is low and the temperature is constant.
The Bonsai I purchased is from a local building supply store and seems to have very little root moisture.
I would like to transplant this into my planter. Should I find a container that fits into my planter so the original soil does not mix with my potting soil?
How much should I water this plant?
Is the indoor lighting I have adequate to keep the plant alive or do I need special lighting?
Any suggestions would be very appreciated and I thank you in advance for your help!
David J. Olson
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First, what kind to plant are we talking about?
Your needs for light, water etc. hinge on the type of plant you've
purchased. A Ficus or Scheflera would do better with your office lighting
than some of the other plants that are available.
I'm not clear on what you mean by "....seems to have very little root moisture." Could you explain that a bit?
Also, unclear as to what - "Should I find a container that fits into my planter so the original soil does not mix with my potting soil?" - means. You have soil in the pot with the plant. Is there other soil in the planter?
The planter/waterfall sounds neat. Maybe if you enclosed a picture of it and also one of your plant it would help a lot.

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