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New Bonsai

K....I am new here so this is my first post. I just bought a Bonsai from a store here in Utah. It was the only one of its kind and did not have any tags on it for care or anything. It is in a pot that has a hole on the bottom and there is like mossy grass stuff on the top. It is thick enough so that I cannot see the soil. Just wondering if anybody knows how I should water this? Do I stick it on top of a tray and fill the tray with water and let it suck it up? Do I water it like a normal plant? I will post a pic later for ientification but until then, any ideas?



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Hello and welcome. Please do post pictures. I generally water from above as you would any other potted plant, that is after all what bonsai is. Take a look here for tips on watering.

The 'chopstick method' is useful for new growers to accustom themselves to their trees cycle.


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