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Chinese Baby Jade help!

I have a small Chinese Jade bonsai. I know I shouldnt water these trees a lot as they are succulents but the leaves appear to be wrinkling. does that mean I should water? Its placed in a very sunny window so I don't think light is an issue.



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If all else is OK then I would say yes, go ahead and give it a good soaking.
I know I shouldnt water these trees a lot as they are succulents
I would like to modify that slightly, I do water succulents a lot. I soak them thoroughly when I water them but do so infrequently. Just a minor clarification.


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the wrinkled leaves could come from roots that are no longer drinking. ie, root rot...

of course, they could also be from lack of water.

you'll know almost immediately after watering. if the leaves perk up, then it needed water. if not, then, you could have a dieing jade plant...
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I had this problem with a cutting and as soon as I soaked it and kept it soaked for about a week the leaves firmed up and it started growing like crazy.

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I always water my jades when the leafs wrinkle, but never before. They seem to be thriving on this.
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