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jade plant question

I do not want to make my jade plants into bonsai, but I would like to make it grow straight. Can I wrap it with the wire that is used to train bonsai trees? I have never done this myself. I own one bonsai, a little ficus that my daughter bought, and then forgot about.



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I wouldn't use wire on a jade, the bark and branches are very delicate.
It looks like the string method is working, and it is safer for your nice little jade.

I am not sure how to get the trunk to thicken up on a jade so it can support its self. I bought my jade a few years ago with a thick, self supporting trunk when I got it. Perhaps it will start thickening up as it gets older.

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The best way to ensure a sturdy upright trunk on a Jade is to promote strong vigorous growth. Your plant seems to be struggling somewhat and not especially robust. Do you keep it indoors exclusively? If so, are you able to move it outside during the summer?

If you want it to be totally upright try replacing the current support with something a little more substantial and binding the plant to the support at closer intervals. Try to get the support as close to the base of the stem as possible. Make sure to use something that will not bite into the plant and be prepared to move/remove them as they get tight.

Now might be a good tie to consider re-potting it as well. The soil looks rather heavy for this species which really prefers a gritty, free draining mix, even if not bonsai.


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Thank-you so much!

I actually looked at it this morning and moved the sticks in. I did not dig them in deep. I have a fenced vegetable garden that gets sun most of the day. But it is cool (55) and cloudy today, so maybe not the best time to move it. Maybe I will put it on the deck until night a few times.

It has recently been repotted in fresh Miracle-Gro cactus soil, which came out of the bag dark. At the time I realized it was not doing well it consisted of two fallen over branches in a plastic pot. I moved them each to their own clay (although glazed) pots with cactus soil. One is still in the same place.

I am going to let it go on this way for a while and then perhaps prune it back some, after it becomes healthy.

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mine grow great in 1\2 miracle grow cactus soil and 1\2 plain sand. they are in full sun (at least 8 hours) a day in summer. Winter they come in, they do just fine, just not that fast of growth like summer. When the edges turn red on the leaves then you know it is getting good light.

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