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indoor bonsai (in a old fish tank)??

this might sound stupid but i found my old fish tank the other day and i thought could i use it as like a green house kinda thing.....and if i can use it wat should i put down in it i still have the gravel.

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I don't see any reason you can't do this if certain things are taken into consideration. Obviously you will be growing tropical species, and small specimens at that. Even if you have it in good light the plants will be behind two panes of glass so you will need to provide supplemental lighting.

Also, one of the main ideas in bonsai is thorough drainage so if you were considering planting directly in the aquarium I would reconsider. Pots with drainage holes are a necessity. This implies you would have to remove the pots to water them so you don't get too much water inside the aquarium.

Unless you are growing plants that require high humidity you might find this arrangement cumbersome.


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right it was just a thought i got..
i was planning on keepin my bonsai in its pot and the tank has a light on it but i supose its probs best if i don't.

thanks for the info :D


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You don't need the fish tank for most of the easier indoor (tropical to subtropical) species. Some of these DO require extraordinarily high humidity and temperature and these would suit an "indoor greenhouse" well. However, they're not readily available, probably because of their difficulty of care. Bloodwood and Mounjean Tea are good examples of these types of trees.

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