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Advice on leaves curling trees

Hello everyone! I'm new to the forum and a novice bonsai owner. I'd liek to ask for what might be causing the leaves on my bonsai trees to curl up or fall off. I've tried to add as much information as possible.

They both look like ficus retusa and I got them the start of August after they had been in lockdown too, stored in cramped conditions. They came with red spider mites which I have been misting under the leaves everyday for.

They have been seperate from each other and my other plants and I think it's just one that has mites now (I haven't seen a Web for over two weeks).

The one in the circular pot (which doesn't drain well) is the one that has the odd web and the leaves look curvy and wilted.

The one in the rectangular pot has a lot of moss and dicots that keeps on coming back at the bottom. It has a leaf that looks curling from the base of the stem in a circular fashion and one next to it with a dark line. I've noticed some lighter yellow leaves and one with a brown tip.

They both get filtered water at room temp. I water them every 3-4 days (when the soil is dry on the top) but the one in circular pot rarely fully dries out. I am needing to water them less frequently now it's getting cold (I live in the UK).

They are on North / North East windowsills that get the most light in the flat however I get little sun as I'm surrounded by tall buildings). The windows they sit on can get very drafty so I have been moving them on cold nights. I would like them to have a permanent home once they are healthy!

They were last trimmed, cleaned, polished and fertilised last in early September (a month after I got them to give time to settle). I haven't done anything to them since as I don't want to stress them out and am not sure what will be helpful.

Could is them going into dormancy, the mites or something else? Would it be a good idea to repot or resoil them or leave them?

It is my first winter with them and I would really appreciate any guidance. Thank you in advance!

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