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controlling wind damage to corn?

We have had at least 3 severe storms in the Kansas City area this season and I'm contemplating some control measures to prevent my small corn crop from suffering again next year.

Each time we had heavy rains and strong winds, my corn stalks were laid over. After the damaging storms, I propped the stalks back up running a temporary string line to some old wood stakes at the end of each row.

Does anyone think it would be overkill to put a few T-posts in at the start of the next season and run a permanent string down the rows to prevent wind damage?

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when our corn is about a foot tall, I hoe about 3 inches of dirt on to the base of the corn row. We plant 1 to 2 inches deep so it's shallow to start with. Building uo the dirt a few inches around the plant helps but sometimes the wind just wins. In flat Kansas I'm sure it's a problem.

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How much corn are you growing? When I grew corn in my backyard, I planted it in "hills" rather than in rows. I read way back then that planting in that way enhanced pollination and increased production. It was a long time ago, however, and most of my gardening information came from Organic Gardener magazine. Things may have changed by now. :)

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We do plant in square blocks for polilnation.

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