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Biennial Vegetables

How do you care for biennial vegetables? I am now growing Collards and plan to expand my garden just for biennials. There comes a time when my outside water needs to be turned off because of freezing. How do I care for them? Fertilize, water, just care for. When it snows, do I brush the snow off or what. Are there different pests that may attack in the fall?

I know that my question is a bit premature but the answers that I receive will determine whether I expand or not. :D

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Some plants that live through winter require very little in the way of care: onions and garlic {and strawberries} for example just need to have some ground cover to protect against deep freezes forcing them upwards or killing the root. A layer of straw or hay or similar works well in this regard.

Most experts recommend little or no watering during the dormant season; there is usually plenty enough ambient moisture in the soil through winter to sustain the roots of most plants while they are dormant, if it is needed at all.
There is seldom any pests to speak of during winter; even most bacteria and molds also have a dormant period during winter as they require a warm environment: certainly most if not all insects as well.

There may be some exceptions for some plants; I've never grown asparagus for example, can't stand it, and so I know nothing about growing it. What particular plants are you planning to plant?

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