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Cabbage Worms or Loopers on Brussel Sprouts

I have 3 big beautiful brussel sprout plants that had been doing great until about a week ago. Now the leaves are filled with holes on all three plants. We found small green worms on one plant and picked them off, but the next day, we discovered a couple more worms. All info I've seen recommends "appropriate insecticides". But my garden is organic, and I'm planning to keep it that way. Anyone have any ideas on ridding the garden of these worms w/o pesticides?

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With only three plants, I would consider some sort of barrier. Perhaps go to the piece goods store and buy some very inexpensive sheer cloth. Maybe go to a second hand shop and buy screened outdoor tarp. Or just be digilent and keep hand picking the critters each morning.

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I am having the same problem with my Collard Greens. I purchased some Greenstep from Gardens Alive. I am waiting for it to come in. I am new to gardening and I have decided for my fall crop, I will purchase a roll of screen from the hardware store and attempt to make my own row cover since collards don't need to be pollinated.

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If is the same issue I had then they are not worms but caterpillars from the white butterfly. I have the same problem with my broccoli plants and I simply picked them off and squished them.

I have not had a problem with the caterpillars again so this may work for you all.

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