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Do you know any Short corn varieties?


Do you have any suggestions of short corn varieties under 6 ft tall?

I'm growing golden bantam this year, which is a shorty but would like to tray something else also. If I can find something.

My garden has heighth restrictions. Nothing over 6 ft is allowed. So they say.

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Location: Litchfield, Michigan and look at sweet corn they will list stalk height along with variety...

I have about a lb of IFSI 2171 AuSh2 left... stalks are about 5 - 5 1/2 feet tall right now to top of tassel. It is a 70 - 75 day maturity. Have a lb of IFSI 275A also but it is a ways out on full height and I am not sure if it is going to pass 6 feet or not.

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I'm not quite sure exactly what kind mine is but it grew super short this year. But for some funny reason I don't think it was the variety of corn but more from the weather. I thought I would get a jump start this year and started some corn inside the house in peat pots. They started off great. I put them outside in early May hoping they would take off. But then it turned cold and wet. It survied and now I have about 4 foot tall corn that already have ears. The ears are only 2 ft off the ground. Hopefuly the raccoons don't get them. Sorry doesn't really answer your question but I thought it was kind of funny. :lol:

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