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When's fennel season?


What's the season for fennel?

We can plant some things year round ( carrots, chard, beets ).

Some things go in Oct - Jan (lettuce, kohl crops )

It's generally temperate where I live.


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Perennial herb fennel sprouts in spring and flowers in midsummer. In your climate, established plants would stand through the winter with no trouble.

Bulb fennel likes moderate weather and lots of water, so it's best in spring and fall. I love the stuff, and have been working with it for several seasons, trying to get it right. At this point I'm doing what a local organic grower does -- start the seeds indoors and set the plants out when they're 4-5 weeks old. It's working better, but they are still taking a long time to size up. And I must say, they seem to like warm conditions quite a lot, and are growing better now than they did in May. Still learning on this one...

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