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White Spots on Zucchini and Squash Leaves

Not sure if these are things to be overly concerned about or not. All this is new to me this year and I have a few leaves and plants I have questions/concerns about. Could you please give me some advice?

As you can see lots of white spots on zucchini and squash leaves , there are also some white spots on the cucumber leaves. Also, my tomatoes have a bad case of curled leaves. Any advice on some identification of the problems and possible cures would be greatly appreciated.
Trey Posey
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The white spots are powdery mildew. You might try this:

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I have the same problem as Sentinel. My zucchini leaves are developing powdery mildew. I actually cut off a few leaves, probably not a good thing to do! Thank you, applestar, for what sounds like a great solution. You seem quite knowledgeable in many gardening issues. Scott's link was very helpful. Do you know if the milk solution should be sprayed in the evening?

Sentinel, how did you do with getting rid of the powdery mildew?

Happy Gardening!

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