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Cuke Problems (Pic's Included)

Hi all:
Live in North GA. Planted my cukes by seed on 5.27.08. They are taking off greatly but this evening noticed a problem with two of my plants, pulled one up root and all (photos below). I am new to cuke growing and not sure what this is. The top of the plant is very healthy but as you can see ...wouldn't be for much longer.

I have mulched around the plants with a layer of wheat straw and a top layer of pine straw. I am thinking that I have the mulch too thick and causing too much moisture retention. Currently is about 4"-5" thick. I went ahead and pulled the mulch back from around each plants base to help air out a bit until I hear from the experts. Thanks so much for your help.

Oh yes, as a novice, I have seen the term planting cukes in "hills". Hmmm...please define a "hill" :?



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Well a hill is just a mound of dirt that you dig up and plant your seeds or plants into. I like a couple of plants per hill but, they are not absolutely necessary.

I wouldn't think that the mulch would hold to much moisture. Mulching is good for plants and the soil. Maybe try using a little less but, I wouldn't think it would be a problem.

You mulch consists of just browns, try adding a green like manure of used coffee grounds (from local cofee shops) to the mulch. Used composted manure.
Feed the soil, not the plants.

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Stem and root rots are fairly common in cucumbers, glasshouse grown ones in particular. Both may occur independently or simultaneously. Fungal organisms cause this problem, usually fusarium or verticillium species and there is no cure once a plant is infected. The incidence of spread may be reduced if the infected plant is removed immediately. Also remove the soil it was growing in.
Mulching up to the stem would not have helped as it would have greatly reduced air circulation, and quite possibly introduced the disease organisms.

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