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Summer Squash-Bush type Fell over!! is this ok? Help!

This maybe a dumb question but my summer squash plant toppled over... is this ok? The plant was growing bushy and upright, not really viney, but the weight of the squash growing made it heavy and a lite wind knocked it over. I tried to stand it back up but it fell again today. I don't want to keep bending it back etc. The plant looks extremely healthy.. no pests or anything. Should I leave it or should I stand it up and steak it? Any advice would be very much appreciated. Thank you!
PS the type of squash I'm growing is Early Prolific Straightneck; Summer Bush Type

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It won't hurt anything per se.... You might want to prop your squash above the soil. Sometimes the little critters that live in the soil start to much on the squash.

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All of my squash bush type plants fall over at some point, and I do notice that if the veggie is on the ground, it has blemishes, but if it's in the middle of the plant, it's perfect. I haven't noticed any problems with the actual plant falling over and dying or anything, and I even move it around some times if the long branches/leaves get in the way of my other plants.

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