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Questions on not so productive pepper garden

The japeno is tall and is producing fine..but, my poor red pepper plant looks very sad. I bottom fed them bone and blood meal mixed in water and sprayed some fungicide the other day.

The first and second pic are of the red pepper plant that is not producing. It produced one large perfect pepper and then one small weak and wrinkled pepper. That was about 3 weeks ago.

The third pic is of the jalapeno, which has yielded one tiny jalapeno that fell off the plant, and now has a few small ones on it.

The leaves seem to be curling or wrinkling on both plants. I have two more pepper plants in another area that seem just fine. Does anyone know what could be the problem?


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How often are you watering? They don't look too bad to me tho...

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It's been raining every day for the past week...but, prior to that I would water once a week.

I don't think the water is the problem..they've grown to a good size..but, the leaves seem to curl and look as though they are a bit bumpy. I have a feeling it's lacking some type of nutrient.

I'm going to spray them with some epsom salt. They probably just need some magnesium. Anyone else have any ideas/suggestions?

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I've noticed in the past that too much water on peppers will cause their leaves to wrinkle up a bit. The "raining every day for the past week" may be the culprit, especially if they are used to only weekly watering. I'll bet they will be fine given a couple of sunny warm days.

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it could be soil ph is to high I had the same problem yrs ago I had to till garden sulfer in soil to lower ph to neutral or slightly acid I also add osamocote fertilizer to the hole I plant the pepper in also sprinkle around plant it feeds it for nine months more than the growing season here in indiana they sell soil ph test kits at garden centers

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