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Need information for growing Strawberries

If I buy plants at Lowe's or Home Depot or Garden store will they make strawberries this year?

How many plants does a person need to eat some and put some berries in the freezer?

Do plants need to be covered or protected to survive the cold freezing winter?

How far apart should strawberries be planted?
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Re: Who is growing Strawberries

I have grown them! You ask no real question, so I really don't know what your lookin for? I just got some plants and threw them in the ground. They are like a weed, they will run and start to take over if you don't keep them in check. It's the runners that will take root to make it spread. They are a low maintenance plant and will take care of themselves. They will start to produce shortly after being planted. Go for it! Good Luck

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Re: Who is growing Strawberries

I have grown them. You do have to take into account your location. Short day areas in can only reliably grow day neutral varieties. Long day strawberries are mostly the June bearing ones. In Hawaii, the summers are too hot for strawberries in full sun. They do grow best in cooler weather in full sun. When it gets hotter, I have to cover the strawberries that are in the ground in full sun with straw or dried grass. Ever bearing strawberries will bloom in late Spring/Early summer, and again in the fall.

I stopped putting strawberries in the ground a while ago. When I did have strawberries, the snails or the birds got it. The snails wait until they are ripe. I now grow them in hanging baskets. They do have to be repotted and fertilized more, but I can move the baskets so they can get the amount of sun they need and keep them off the ground and moving around to keep the snails away. Even baskets that are hung need to be moved around because snails can climb trees and walls to get to the plants.

I have not been able to keep the mother plants alive for more than two years, but I have lots of daughters to replace them. Unfortunately, I can only get seascape now. I preferred albion, but I only found bare root ones and I have not had success keeping any of those alive.
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