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Trying to make a plan for leeks for next year.... would love some advice!

Keep in mind, Im north eastern Canada. Grow Season is short, and hot temps are about 25 Celsius. Typical garanteed grow season is June 09- September 20. 14/ 15 weeks.

Wondering if we should do transplants? Also how long to plant prior to actual transplant?

Should I over winter them? I read some folks here doing that, but our winters are harsh, and long. average temp in winter is -25/ -30, without wind. And we have heavy snow loads.

All that said... I had fantastic results on my garlic this year, which I planted in October last year.

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Re: Leeks

I grow leeks from seed, the seedlings overwintered outdoors in shallow boxes and planted out in spring. Our climate is coastal, zone 7, but I believe if you choose hardy varieties they will survive through colder winters. I think Musselburgh and Durabel will do OK and doubtless there are others as suitable, or more so.

Seed has to be very fresh - second year it's already dicey.
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Re: Leeks

Zone 7a here.
I start seeds indoors around the 2nd week in February by Broadcast seeding

One suggestion I have for leeks is to plant a lot more than you think you need.

April 29, 2018

Early June 2018 Overwintered leek gone to seed.

I harvest some early winter and most by end of November, I leave some to overwinter

these were wintered over and harvested in late April. Then the new leeks sedlings were planted



Expanded on the Leek garden, I grow these in the front yard.

Leek Potato Soup has become a Fall favorite of ours


Our Leek Potato Pizza was good but needs work.


Leeks May 17 2017 (first year with leeks IIRC)

End of June 2017

End of July 2017

End of August 2017

Leeks in Air Pruning Pot late August 2017

Late September 2017, pulled these because the neighbor trampled my leek bed!

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Re: Leeks

I start onion and leek seed in an unheated greenhouse about the first week of February. Nothing much happens for awhile. If conditions are likely to freeze the soil, I move the flats to the floor and cover overnight.

The furnace is turned on, mid-March. Soon after, the leek and onion seedling flats are moved outdoors. Once again, I am concerned about them freezing and they are babied.

They are both only about 1/2 pencil-size when they are moved into the garden. All season, the leek occupy their space. They can gain much from a fertile (high N) soil with nutrients added before transplant and weeds aren't tolerated. Be careful how you pull them and one reason why fertilizer should go in before the transplants: Leek have leaves that catch debris falling on them. Best of Luck!

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