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Potatoes in a bag

I have 6 grow bags that I have potatoes growing. Decided to empty one just a few minutes ago and lo and behold not 1 potato. Plants have been growing great until the last week or so as they seem to be dying off. Any information?

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Re: Potatoes in a bag

I don't really know, but my guess from my experience would be just not enough soil in a grow bag for them. In my previous location, with little space, I tried growing potatoes in a 50 gallon trash can, cut in half crossways to not be so tall. Put the seed potatoes close to the bottom and then kept filling it as the plants grew. Doing that, I got potatoes, but they ranged in size from marble to golf ball. Now that I have more room, I am growing potatoes in the ground and getting full sized potatoes.

Dying back is what potato plants would be doing this time of year. I think there is nothing you can do for those plants. Next year try to find a way to give them more room/ soil.
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Re: Potatoes in a bag

The time i tried growing potatoes in bags, i found it difficult to keep them watered sufficiently. And like rg says, they probably needed more soil, too.

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Re: Potatoes in a bag

Did you grow a whole potato or did you grow a cutting?

My experience at growing a whole potato it only grows a nice plant, it seldom grows new potatoes.

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Re: Potatoes in a bag

It is best to buy planting potatoes from a reputable seed supplier. Never plant potatoes you got from the grocery store, to do so is to spread disease. You want to cut the potato so you have one or two eyes per piece. Plant the cuttings about a foot apart in rows spaced 30 inches. When the plants are ten inches tall hill up the plants. This is to protect the developing tubers from seeing the sun. If they see sunshine the turn green and get a strong flavor.
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