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What am I growing?

So, I have a small problem. :oops: This spring I planted a few seeds and while most of them died, most likly from a lack of sunlight, the one in the pictures down below survived and is growing well. For a while I was thrilled about it :-() , but as times goes on I am starting to wonder if I really should be. The seeds I planted where; Corn, Mexican Sour Gherkin, Brussels sprouts and Broccolo Romanesco. The plant however dose not look like I would have imagined for any of them to look. So my question really is; what am I growing? A weed or vegetable? :?


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Re: What am I growing?

It looks like Upland Cress a.k.a. Creasy Greens. If it’s blooming, then it might already be past it’s prime, but you can either eat the blossoms as salad and soup garnish or let it go to seed and ollect them once seedpods are mature and dried.
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If you’re from the southeastern part of the United States, you may already be familiar with upland cress; it’s known there as creasy greens.
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Re: What am I growing?

Looks like some kind of Mustard.
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