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Re: I'm ready to plant

applestar wrote:
DarrenP wrote:I'm amazed that you guys are still getting snow in your spring. Is that normal?
We have a warm autumn here in South Australia, almost like summer just quietly fading away. I've been ruthlessly clearing the summer crops as they stop fruiting, and preparing the raised beds for cooler crops. Already sown some seeds, and planted a few seedlings to get a head start.
I guess this would be equivalent of late September for me and here, I would be looking at first frost within the next month or so... But it sounds like you will have above freezing weather for some time? Good luck with your fall/winter garden!
In our little corner of the world we don't get to freezing point, we do get down near zero degrees Celsius occasionally. Winters can be dry sometimes (like last year). So cooler crops can be grown right through the season, brassicas, root crops, leaf crops, etc. We can't even grow some crops through summer that can be grown down in Adelaide, like cabbages and beetroot.

@SQWIB, does that mean it's wet round your way? :D

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Re: I'm ready to plant

Yeah, I'm getting antsy, too. I just got all of my trays and pots labeled and filled today, and the seeds go in on 4-1 - traditional day for me to do that with the tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants. I have a few things that are slower started (habaneros), and a few more sprouting in the spoons, but I wasn't going to push it up any this season, as cold as it's been around here! I had to skip my spring greens, due to knee surgery, but I'll be getting out there come May! And all those people that want peppers and tomatoes are offering their help. lol

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