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I was wondering if it was acceptable use to use dog poop like use can use cow manure or chicken manure as a fertilizer on the garden? I have a pile mixed with dead grass from over the winter. Good idea or not a good idea?

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Re: question

Personally, that would never cross my mind to use as a fertilizer. To me that ranks right up there with using human waste to fertilize a garden-------and it's not going to happen in my plot.

Did a quick search and this is some of what I found. Dog waste contains parasites that other animal waste doesn't have. They would likely not be killed off in a home composting situation since the heat of the compost pile would not likely stay high enough for a long enough period to eradicate the parasites.

Some of the parasites can survive and once introduced into your garden, they can thrive and it would not be beyond the realm of possibility of you ingesting some of these parasites that can hatch and grow in your body.

Really not worth it in the long run.

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Re: question

I've always heard you should only use vegetarian animal stool, no omnivore/carnivore poop.

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Re: question

Definitely not anywhere near where you are going to grow edibles or uphill of edible garden. Be sure to give same consideration for your neighbors as well (as in edge of your property is adjacent to your neighbors’).

But it would be conceivable to BURY them in a deep trench or hole near ornamentals and trees. There are digester enzymes — like for septic tank — that you could apply over them to speed up the breakdown. There are enclosure products sold for this very purpose, but I imagine you can diy them as well.
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Re: question

here's a discussion we had about using dog poop in the compost pile:

viewtopic.php?f=35&t=61608&p=354705&hil ... le#p354705

most people said no, but that would still be better than putting it directly on your garden.
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Re: question

I used to do what apple said to dispose of dog waste. I had what is called a doggie Dooley IIRC.
the only way I have ever used dog waste for gardening was when making Bio-char.

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