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Transplanted Asparagus Turning Yellow


I live in rural Yuma County AZ. I transplanted established asparagus plants two days ago. They are rapidly turning yellow.

We transplanted from elevated beds with very high silt soil to raised bed.

The planting mixture in the raised bed is as follows. We purchased a product containing 50% composted manure. The remaining half is peat moss, gypsum, and pelite. We mixed 5 parts of the detailed product with 3 parts sand. Is this the cause of the yellowing?


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Re: asparagus

more likely than anything else it's transplant shock. your soil mix sounds just great, so keep it hydrated..not too wet, not too dry, and don't worry if the tops die off. the roots will reestablish themselves, probably over the winter. your harvest the next couple of years may be greatly reduced, and you may likely lose a few sets, but most will hopefully survive.

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Re: Transplanted Asparagus Turning Yellow

The ferns/fronds of the asparagus turn yellow this time of year anyway. Once it has turned brown and died, it is cut off. The new asparagus comes up from the roots in spring.

Fall asparagus:


That is part of its normal life cycle.

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Re: Transplanted Asparagus Turning Yellow

I agree to both of the above. If your fall temperatures are already very cool to cold and are having chilly nights, the asparagus is likely to be changing color.

But also, you said these are established plants - I suspect it might have been better to wait until they had gone fully dormant before moving them. Asparagus grows incredibly long root system —

Check this out.

Root Development of Vegetable Crops: Chapter VI Asparagus ... 37ch6.html

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Re: Transplanted Asparagus Turning Yellow

Just cut those tops off. The roots will over winter and send up new growth come spring.

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