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This Video is proof we should eat Organic Food.

I don't trust grocery store food, this video is proof everyone should be eating as much home grow organic food as possible. ... ign=buffer

Check out THE FARM in Summertown TN 200 people living on 8 square miles of land for 47 years they grow all their own food. I have been very good friend with these people for 41 years. They started out with 35 acres.

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The video certainly makes the good point that organic food is a "precautionary measure", but it isn't completely clear what we're protecting ourselves (as non farm-workers) from. Certainly isn't clear that those organic veggies need to be home grown. On a large farm, organic veggies can be pretty immune from unhealthful overspray. That certainly isn't the case for a small residential garden. OK, if you happen to have 8 square miles of land, you're probably in pretty good shape.

This is a good video in that it makes an honest scientific assessment of what is known and what isn't. Better than the mythology we're often exposed to.

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Good observations, dveg. :)

Welcome to our community.


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This really is an important topic. I think I was lucky being raised by parents that understood how important is was to eat food that wasn't treated with pesticides or genetically modified.

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