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What temperature will kill this plant?

Posted: Tue Oct 10, 2017 2:24 am
by Gary350
I had a plant growing guide saved on my computer and it has vanished. It listed 100s of plants by name, and told if frost will kill them and how cold it needs to get to kill each plant. Some plants do good down to 25 and 15 degrees.

To make a long story short I am looking for things to grow this winter that are not killed by frost or cold weather down to 20 degrees.

If i find this list again this time I will print it on paper. I have done Google search for 45 minutes not finding it?.

Re: What temperature will kill this plant?

Posted: Tue Oct 10, 2017 3:12 am
by applestar
So... this wasn't the sort of reference you were looking for?

Subject: What temperature kills Napa Cabbage?
applestar wrote:Yep, 25°F is what's listed for Chinese cabbage at Southern Exposure Seed Exchange
:arrow: Southern Exposure's Fall/Winter Gardening Guide : ... zp-38.html
The sites mentioned in this post/thread typically have comprehensive reference pages, too:

Subject: Which catalog has the most information about their seeds?
applestar wrote:I think in the east coast, Johnny's Selected Seeds provides a very comprehensive info set for each type of crop and individual varieties for many of those crops. Not seeds but Logee's is a great source of info for tropical winter indoor plants and I reference their website a lot.

I like Southern Exposure Seed Exchange for much of their mid-Atlantic specific planting info and detailed heirloom seeds provenance.

In the west coast, I believe Territorial Seed has good info, and Horizon Herbs has a very thorough website. Some invaluable info from Bountiful Gardens and Kitazawa Seeds.

Re: What temperature will kill this plant?

Posted: Wed Oct 11, 2017 4:03 pm
by digitS'
Those who live in more northern locations can benefit from a look at the information on those websites, AppleStar.

I had forgotten about Coleman's term, Persephone Period. He used that to define the season when we have less than 10 hours of sunlight in our locations. Temperatures no longer matter as much as plant growth all but stops.

Johnny's has helpful protected growing information for those of us with tunnels and greenhouses. They are in Maine and since my location is north of any point in Maine, I was curious about this Persephone time. You don't need to download one of the apps they suggest; just go to the US Naval Observatory website - here - and enter your location.

Ten hours of daylight occurs here on October 31. We are on our way to about 8 hours on the solstice. I don't have a level horizon so I just might want to think that this special day comes about 2 weeks earlier (NOW?? :wink:) and I don't quite agree with Coleman, anyway ... but, it's good to think about these sorts of things at this time of the year.