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Eat garlic after pre-soak?

This year, first time, I soaked my garlic cloves in baking soda then bleach solutions before planting. I have some of these left over. If I wash them in plain water are they good for eating (cooking)? The skins have turned interesting shades of striped green or reddish-brown.

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I wouldn't. They may have absorbed some sodium from the baking soda and from the bleach, and they are probably a little alkaline. Add some vinegar to a little water they are in and they'll probably effervesce. People want to think that sodium hypochlorite is so dangerous, but most of us will never have exposure of that sort. The chlorine is volatile. It evaporates very easily. So they probably are okay to eat, but unless you are starving just throw them out.

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The Soda is not going to hurt ya. You say bleach. Not sure what this is? I reckon you would do well to go plant these cloves. Flower garden? Around the foundation ? In the corn patch?

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