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Caterpillars in cauliflower

How do I keep white moths and green catipillars out of my cauliflower? I feel like I'm over run.

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Re: Caterpillars in cauliflower

Cabbage worms. They're ubiquitous. You can spray an organic pesticide like bT or neem oil, or if you prefer not to spray anything then row covers (netting over the row to keep the moths from laying eggs) are the way to go.

Personally I patrol my garden daily and inspect plants. I squish the eggs and pick off the larva by hand. I find it relaxing and a great way to connect with the plant, which usually tips me off if something else is awry early enough that I can fix it.

If you have too large of a garden/no time for that, consider spraying or row covers.

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Re: Caterpillars in cauliflower

I spray my plants with a very hard water spray with the garden hose it blows away eggs and worms. I sprayed my Kale yesterday it gets worms and eggs on the under side of the leaves so I have to spray top at the bottom of the leaves to blow off all the eggs and worms. Inspected plants after spraying with water to see if you missed any eggs or worms spray again if you need too.

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Re: Caterpillars in cauliflower

Have you tried Diatomaceous Earth?

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