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Zone 6b-too late to plant carrots?

I have some Kuroda seeds I would like to try, I am going to rip out the snow pea vines that produced nothing but leaves. Is it too late? TYVM :()

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I think you could still try. Key is not to let the roots freeze -- frost is fine, even a bit of snow, it's the deep freeze that freezes the ground solid that would be the problem. It would be best to mulch heavily once night time temps start to dip under freezing. You can harvest carrots under the snow as long as the root hasn't frozen. They are called "snow carrots" and makes the carrot sweeter since initially carrots will resist freezing by converting starch into sugar for natural anti-freeze.

Another problem is ground critters -- mice, voles, chipmunks will go after carrots if they find them. Also if you have carrot flies, wireworms, etc.

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Not absolutely sure which zone I am in, last map I check indicated 6a. Am in SE MA about half way between Worcester and Hyannis.

Week or so ago I plant a 10' double row of carrots, danver longs (I think), and a 10' double row of beets, maybe detroit somethings. Plan is to mulch them over well when it starts to get cold and have just the tops sticking out. Also replanted peas, radishes and green beans.

My thinking is I just might get some baby carrots and some baby beets, or I have some plants in there scavenging N to get turned in next spring. Kind of a no loss situation. Only way to loose there is to not try.

They way the weather has been changing around here, there is no telling when it will get cold nor how cold it will actually get. A several years ago we didn't even have a proper winter.... had very late fall for a couple of extra months right into a very early, early spring. Then again, this is New England... If I don't like the weather, I just have to wait 5 minutes.

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The very best way to grow carrots is, I till my soil last week of Oct then I hill up the soil about 6" high in a long straight row. I mark the row where a wooden stakes at each end of the row. When it shows I go out and sprinkle carrot seeds on the top surface of the snow. White snow makes it very easy to see where seeds are sprinkled. About 45 minutes before sun set wind usually dies down that is a good time to sprinkle seeds so they don't blow away. When weather gets right seeds will germinate then I harvest carrots about May 20th. Carrot tops are very good in salads. I have experimented growing carrots several ways this works best for me. We get first frost about Halloween and last frost about April 20. Sometimes we get snow and sometimes not. If we get no snow by the end of February I sprinkle carrot seeds on top of the row that I made.

I have no clue what zone 6 is, I don't even now what zone I am in. I live 30 miles south Nashville TN.

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I would give it a whirl. Plant the seed 1/2 inch deep and keep it damp. Good luck!

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