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Onions turning yellow?

My onions are looking a little small and a few of the greens are turning yellow.. what am I doing wrong?

My mom is growing from the same starters (she started too many and gave me a bunch) and hers are triple the size as well. What am I missing?

I also didn't water today as it's suppose to rain the next 3 days straight

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Re: Onions turning yellow?

Your soil looks very coarse. Are you planting in the same soil and what kind of fertilizer did you use? Onions do better for me in a soil that is more neutral to alkaline and while they need nitrogen in the beginning, when it is time to bulb up you have to stop the nitrogen and give it more bone meal. Not enough nitrogen in the beginning and you won't get enough green growth. Too much nitrogen when bulbing up, you won't get bulbs.

Onion leaves will start to yellow when it is near time for them to be harvested. Wait until all the tops have fallen. Usually the bulb will be poking up on top by now.
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Re: Onions turning yellow?

Hmmmmm.......... Looks like it needs water and time. Don't worry about that one yellow leaf.

One nice thing about planting onions is that they can be harvested and used at any time in their growth cycle. From small green onions to large mature onion bulbs. Plant plenty.

I like to get the little dry onion bulbs at the local garden market and plant those. They will make a much larger bulb than starting from seed in this environment.
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Re: Onions turning yellow?

Figured it out... I have onion worms... time to dig em all up ... more egg shells and a better location next year.

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Re: Onions turning yellow?

I planted 80 reds and 80 whites. they all survived and have bulbs as big as baseballs. but that's o.k. I have in laws and lots of onion eating friends. I've braded 2 dozen and hung them in the basement. was going to do more tonight, but it's raining.

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