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Odd confused corn plant

First time I've ever seen this. This poor plant seems to have it's boy parts and girl parts intermingled. There are naked kernels of corn interspersed throughout this tassel on this one plant. I tasted the kernels, and sure enough, they'e corn.


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Re: Odd confused corn plant

So FUNNY! I've heard about this. 8)
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Re: Odd confused corn plant

Pretty interesting. Glad you took a picture. Thanks for sharing.
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Re: Odd confused corn plant

I get tassel ears mostly on the tillers but I get them on the mainstalk too. I get one or two every with every crop. Silver Queen has more than the UH #10 tropical corn but that may just be because the tropical corn is better suited for shorter days. I don't have a large place to plant corn so now I can only fit 39 plants into the space and low seeding rates was one of the things associated with the phenomenon. It usually does not affect the overall yield or taste.
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Re: Odd confused corn plant

Yup, I have had that happen as well. There's one variety I've grown where that happened frequently but can't recall what it was.

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