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Re: Weird Weather

My seeds did not germinate well last month. They were very slow and sparse. Some of the ones I was about to give up on are germinating now. Others nothing. July and August are not good planting months, but it is usually not this bad.

I grow silver queen corn too. Mine will get up to 8 ft but I use synthetic fertilizer and the tassels do come out before the ears and silks appear. The tassels do not mature until the silks emerge. The corn ears grow quickly and usually 10 days after the tassels appear my corn is just about ready to harvest. Silver queen takes about 80 days.

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Re: Weird Weather

Something is wrong, we had no rain today.

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Re: Weird Weather

Gary350 wrote:Something is wrong, we had no rain today.

We took it! Sorry we needed the rain up this way. Finally got more today. I apparently live in a bubble. About 90% of the rain coming towards me just splits and goes north and south of me leaving the lawn and garden high and dry till the sprinkler runs.

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Re: Weird Weather

My garden this year is a disaster. I planted May 5 as usual then a month later we got a killing frost. The only thing that survived is the corn.l So starting over a month late. The weeds seem to be doing well though. Can't keep up with them. Most of my later planting did not come up. Some of the squash and melons did. It might be too late for them to make it though in this country. We usually get a killing frost the first week of September.

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