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water storage

hi everyone, I wasn't sure where to put this, as none of the other topics really fit. I started a garden on a piece of land that I have. There is no electric or running water there, so I have to bring water. I was looking at food grade water containers to transport my water and they are really expensive. At work we have an old 450 gal water tank sitting there that we used to haul water in, they said I could have it. What I am concerned about is it not being food grade material. Does it hurt using non food grade plastic to transport water for watering the garden, or should I spend the money and buy a food safe container?

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Re: water storage

If it was used for hauling water and not gasoline it should be o.k. You can get food grade drums from bakeries, and food proccessors. Here we can get them from the shoyu factory. There is usually a fee, but it is affordable.
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