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New gardener, whats up with my beans?

Hey everyone! I am a rookie gardener and am pretty confused about what I just plucked off my bean plants. One plant is producing what look like snap peas, and the others all look like normal green beans. The one producing the pea-like pods is also physically growing differently, a spiraling vine is shooting up the fence while the others seem ground bound. Is it possible a different seed was planted? So confused, feel free to laugh at my expense.

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Re: New gardener, whats up with my beans?

Probably a mix up at the bean packaging factory. I bought a package of bush beans once that contained about 20% pole beans too. I bought a package of beans once that contained a few pop corn seeds. It is easy to see corn seeds mixed with bean seeds but impossible to see bush bean seeds mixed with pole bean seeds if they are the same type bean seeds.

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Re: New gardener, whats up with my beans?

If it walks like a duck.... Those look like peas because they are peas.

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Re: New gardener, whats up with my beans?

...umm I don't think so. They look like Roma-type flat prodded beans to me. If they vines are spiraling up then definitely pole beans. Roma-type bean pods are "meaty" -- more substantial. Try cooking the two kinds the same way and compare. Test in case the "strings" need to be removed.

If the pods turn out to be fibrous and tough even with strings removed, then these are shelling beans for fresh shelled or mature dried beans.
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Re: New gardener, whats up with my beans?

I'm kind of leaning toward a short flat bean too. I once grew a half runner type that ended up looking a lot like that. It was tough, stringy, not very good.

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Re: New gardener, whats up with my beans?

I think they are both beans too. It does look like you got two kinds of seed in the same pack. I did that too. I planted what I thought was a round gourd and got a long one. I planted what I thought were pole beans and they turned out to be asparagus beans. It was my fault. I collected the beans and labeled them wrong. But, except for it not being what I expected, the beans were still good. Teaches me for not labeling my drying tray better.
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