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Annual P E T C Meeting and Contest

PETC Meeting and Contest

It is time for members to come forward and 'fess up. Who is Planting Everything Too Close this year? My entries this beautiful spring growing season.



It is only fitting that I have Sweet Corn growing much too close together. It was the corn fields in fertile Illinois soil in 1973 that gave me the idea of planting seed side by side. Hey, they could do it so why not central Alabama?
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Re: Annual P E T C Meeting and Contest

I'm not sure this is a contest I should particularly want to win. (unless of course, there are cash and prizes involved) :) But, I'm sure I'll end up being in the running anyway! (hey, it's what I do)

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Re: Annual P E T C Meeting and Contest

Yep. me three :()
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Re: Annual P E T C Meeting and Contest

As is evidenced in my garden progress thread, I may be the winner of this contest.... let's check back in several weeks. Hahaha

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Re: Annual P E T C Meeting and Contest

I planted beans and peas in pots about 15 seeds each. As luck would have it, and apparently because of the way I watered most of the seeds in both pots ended up on one side. I still get peas and beans they are just 2 inches apart.
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Re: Annual P E T C Meeting and Contest

I use to work hard at planting things too close squeezing a lot into a small 20'x40' garden. I learned from experience my tomatoes get Sun burn in hot 100 degrees weather so I planted my tomato plants, 2 ft apart in rows 2 ft apart, the plants shaded each other and NO sun burn problems. I use to plant corn in a 10'x10' square, 11 rows, 1 ft row spacing, 21 seeds per row, pollination was excellent for such a small compact corn crop.

Now I have a 35'x60' garden and don't plant close like I once did expect for greens I plants in February. I planted 1000 Napa seeds in a 3' square LOL it came up like a crop of lettuce now it is all going to seed. I planted 6 kinds of lettuce the same way 3'x3' it is all too close. I planted Swiss chard over and over 3 times it never came up until a few weeks ago now it is all coming up all in the same spot. I threw 500 bean seeds in the garden all in 1 spot now it is all coming up, this actually works very well I have done this before. My tomato plants are under a shade tree this year doing extremely well, rows 3' apart, plant spacing 3' apart, 18 plants. My corn crop is 15'x15' square this year, 3' row spacing, 5 rows, 31 seeds per row.

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