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Corn blowing over ?

Ok so I mound my rows and fertilize . I then take 2 metal T post and drive in at each end at a slight angle AWAY from the corn . I then take a rope ... the kind you find at a big box store in big oblong rolls. I tie at one end and run down the row and pull tightly . this pulls the corn upward and holds it . I put the rope approx. half way up . This is good for rows under 60 ft. long. I have some old 1/2 '' conduit I cut into 4 ft. pieces and drive in between corn plants half way or 1/4 of the way to help hold against stalks . This works for me and in windy areas like my open field garden ... it really helps me. I would plant beans to help hold the corn up but I made a bean walk with a 6 ft. over head 30 feet long for easy pickin next to the corn plants about 4 feet away .

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Re: Corn blowing over ?

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Thanks for sharing your story about the corn.
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