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Sound off....what did you get done this weekend?

Saturday I caught up on some neglected weeding in the onion rows, planted a little corn, transplanted some King Arthur peppers (anyone grow these?), transplanted a few more peppers and a few maters in the ground, and transplanted a lettuce in a pot into the ground.

Sunday I prepped my main tomato area, watered and fertilized everything, and did some assorted yard work (mowing, etc.).

Looks like gardening season is in full swing! It's funny, but working in the garden all day doesn't seem too much like work... :D

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Re: Sound off....what did you get done this weekend?

We had a honey harvest on Saturday. I rained all day yesterday, so I cleaned the house. Today, it is soggy, but a good day to go out and pull some weeds.
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Re: Sound off....what did you get done this weekend?

I planted some first year starter Chandler strawberries next to my 2nd years. I have no idea what kind the 2nd years are but they are producing fruit like crazy! In a few days I'll plant my 2nd group of white corn.

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Re: Sound off....what did you get done this weekend?

Weeding. Also cleared a part of the garden where the forest was encroaching. My daughter gathered stones from around our property and created a border around a part she cleared that will become a new flowerbed.

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Re: Sound off....what did you get done this weekend?

Saturday consisted of another long day of house painting. I'm getting close to having the whole exterior of the house painted and by the end of this week I should have only my shutters left to paint------hopefully.

Sunday the wife and I went to the National WWII Museum here in New Orleans for Sunday brunch and to see the "Victory Belles" perform. They are a trio of young ladies who sing the songs that were popular during WWII, many of them made popular by the Andrew's Sisters. Good food and great show by the way and well worth it.

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Re: Sound off....what did you get done this weekend?

shoveled all the soil back into a freshly filled raised bed after I got 15 inches of rain in 48 hours

weep holes they said

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Re: Sound off....what did you get done this weekend?

Weeded out some of the rye cover crop that I hadn't got to. Plan to fertilize this weekend and hopefully plant my tomatoes, peppers and corn next weekend. I can't wait.

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Re: Sound off....what did you get done this weekend?

Done? Not a thing. Had been on a trip to Oregon. Got home last night and this morning it is raining. Too wet to mow the lawn or plant seeds in the garden. Guess I will sit here on my fat butt and play on the web.
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Re: Sound off....what did you get done this weekend?

Nothing this weekend except to water and generally keep seedlings alive. Put a few more outside to harden off.

TODAY, PLAYED CATCH-UP and finally planted seed potatoes, more onions, and the rest of the lettuce and Asian greens starts -- well the oldest ones. Normally, they are planted by beginning if April. New succession starts are growing in the garage.
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Re: Sound off....what did you get done this weekend?

Watered; planted out some Candy onions; watered; planted first planting of Ambrosia corn; watered; planted out tomatoes(have 7 plants out now); watered; planted out some beets, chard, hot weather lettuce called Summertime; some turnips.

Did I mention I watered? (this is Aridzona you know...) :)

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Re: Sound off....what did you get done this weekend?

Pretty much finished off this. Still ned to fetch and plant 4 egg plants, a Roma and a yellow cherry tomato:

Flipped a few falangies at this because I don't like how it looks and don't really know what to do with it and don't have the time and energy for it.

Made a New Low Maintenance Pet out of a winters worth of 5 gallon buckets of coffee grounds, egg shells and veg scraps, the stuff I screen out of my last compost pile, the last of last years grass clipping and fall clean up, the first of this years grass clippings and spring clean up and some other stuff I had piled up. (There is a 2 1/2'-3' vertical drop off behind that. It's nigh 6' tall)

Really messed up in reverse and got some of these out front some how.
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