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Help Identifying A Plant

IMG_20170415_143115_427.jpg[Hi. I have a tiny veggie garden with plants I bought last year. I also have compost with veggie scraps. I know a tomato plant and onions have grown from my compost. I live in the desert in california. This doesnt look like anything wild I've seen before. I was thinking maybe squash. If it's a weed I'd want to pull it, obviously. Thanks if you can help. [attachment=0]IMG_20170415_143115_427.jpg

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Re: Help Identifying A Plant

Looks like peas.

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Re: Help Identifying A Plant

Peas is my guess too.

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Re: Help Identifying A Plant

Are we in Veg Gardening.... ? Yes we are. :D

I was going to say this could also be Sweetpeas --- the flower.

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