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Hydroponic tower garden

Merry Christmas. I am thinking of a hydroponic tower garden for my wife to grow herbs, etc on the deck. Something that will alleviate the need for watering when we are gone. I started by looking at the model designed by Epcot. Looks great but way too expensive.

Anybody tried something like this? I need a good one that is eye appealing on the lakeside deck. Thanks
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Re: Hydroponic tower garden

Have you looked at zip towers? I was REALLY curious about them and was looking at youtube videos and such, then somewhere about an hour's drive away, someone was selling an entire hydro operation/business and had posted dozens of these on craigslist -- but it looked like they wanted to sell them all as a single lot. I nearly called to ask if they would let me buy just one or two.... I probably should have.
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