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Have any tips for growing mache?

We've just ordered some mache seeds: never grown it before and want to learn about it. We're in zone 5 and mache is one of the best vegetables for surviving very cold temps. We'd like to start seeds in smallest growing cubes indoors using potting soil and go from there. Are there any mache growers from zone 4 or 5 out there and can you share your mache growing experience. Thanks all.

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Re: Have any tips for growing mache?

Mache, had never heard of it. Looked it up on Google. Lamb's Lettuce, Corn Salad.

Looks like it is something you would plant early Spring just like regular lettuce. I suppose you could start it indoors, but would not start it more than 6 weeks before it can go outside.

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Re: Have any tips for growing mache?

Greetings! 1st post here, however I do have about 40 years of vegetable gardening experience. (The 40 is not a typo. so bear with me.)

The best time to start mache, is in the fall when the temperature cools down. It is temperature sensitive, I have had it self sow during the summer.(it gets bitter in the heat) and then geminate in the early fall. Michigan winters.

It is very hardy and I have picked it in Dec. and Jan. under low plastic tunnels. Pest resistant except for the rabbits. Hope this helps. Cheers!

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