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Spinach, Fall Planted

I just went out and planted a row of spinach seeds. I don't expect to see much happen this fall as we are apt to get snow any minute. I was just hoping it would overwinter and give me some spinach greens very early in the Spring. Anyone planting fall spinach?
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Re: Spinach, Fall Planted

I am, but I am not faced with your growing conditions. My spinach will actually be eaten in the fall/winter/spring and bolt in late April. Mine will grow all season till then. I had no clue you could plant spinach now and the plants would overwinter under all the snow you're likely to get.

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Re: Spinach, Fall Planted

I don't know about James' climate, but when I was in Cincinnati (zone 6a), the best time to plant spinach was October. It would sprout and then just sit there and over-winter (yes under snow and ice and below zero cold). In late winter it would start growing again. Then it would grow like crazy through the end of winter and early spring, getting huge and thriving. It would bolt about the same time as the spring planted spinach, when the weather got hot, meaning it grew for several more months than the spring planted spinach.

I tried planting spinach seed here first of Sept and it was still too hot and dry for it. I am going to plant it again as soon as I get time (lots of fall projects going on).
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Re: Spinach, Fall Planted

I bought seeds for Giant Winter Spinach to try this year. I just have to find the time to prep a bed and sow them. I'm waiting for delivery of floating covers though.

I'm pretty sure I already have some Winter Bloomsdale? Hmm... it might have been Bloomsdale Longstanding. If I have Winter Bloomsdsle, I try them both.
Fedco Seeds - Item: Giant Winter

2555GW Giant Winter Spinach (45 days) Open-pollinated. Selected for its cold hardiness. Recommended for late fall greenhouse crops, or overwintering under mulch. The most productive for late fall/early winter production in high tunnels with up to six times the leaf matter of competing varieties. Not as good springback recovery from hard winters as Winter Bloomsdale. Large medium-green semi-savoyed leaves.
On the same page towards the bottom, they have a pretty thorough germination temperature info for spinach.
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Re: Spinach, Fall Planted

I'm hoping to get mine in soon. As soon as I get a few other projects done. I'll be doing mine in large containers since that's the only way I can get anything to grow in my terraced garden.

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