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Weeding made easy

After several hours of a decent amount of rainfall and still drizzling yesterday, I decided to head out to the garden to get some much needed weeding done. It was fairly cool and the light drizzle kept me from getting overheated as I pulled massive amounts of weeds out of the garden. The ground was so saturated that I was sinking into the ground between the rows as I pulled the offending weeds. They sure came out easy with the ground that wet.

My wife thought I was nuts, but there is a method to my madness.

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Haha rain weeding is my preferred method as well! My husband and neighbors have literally yelled at me "you're crazy!" as they run in from the rain. I figure I'm pretty waterproof last I checked and it makes the job significantly easier so why not? The only down side is that I tend to come in pretty muddy and in need of a shower :(

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Good job Gumbo. No better time to weed. And there are some times that I will turn the hose pipe on low and use it to wet the weeds as I pull. The water comes from the well so has a nice coolness to it.

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Raising both my hands to say I last a lot longer in the heat when its drizzling or wet from sprinklers

...only problem is when my clothes are soaked and plastered to my skin, mosquitoes manage to bite me right through the fabric. :evil:

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