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Growing Gem Squash in a foreign land

I love the South African gem squash, and while you can buy them in season in Australia, they are hugely expensive. Besides I would love to be able to grow my own. Can anyone tell me what is the best season for planting the seeds and how do you protect them organically from insects?


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Australia? I'm afraid I haven't the foggiest idea about your climate down there. In North America we plant squash in the spring once the weather starts to warm up.

I haven't grown gem squash myself but, a lot of the local farms do and they are very prolific around here.

If you have a vegetable garden just plant your squash when you plant everything else.

Do any of our members either live in Australia or know about growing vegetables in Australia?

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gem squash

i don't know if you have managed to grow gem squash in Australia but i managed to grow it in England. I got the seeds when i happened across some Gem squash in ASDA, kept the seeds and hoped for the best.
I planted the seeds in spring but thanks to the birds :evil: i was left with one seedling.

I used lots of home made compost - it is growing well and producing loads of yummy gems (wonderful.) Only problem i have is something eating the leaves. Looks like mould but on closer inspection it isn't..... Any suggestions.... anyone .....?

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GrowingGem Squash in Queensland

This is the second time I have grown Gem Squash. I planted it in October November in time for some spring rain. Both times i have grown the squash they have fruited ok but possibly no to the size i had seen before, Might have something to do with soil content ?They have also suffered from mildew and die back, both I know very little about but have heard using 1part fresh milk to 10parts water might help with the mildew. I am still experimenting though, hope this helps.

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