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Cabbage Leaves, Keep off ground?

Does anyone have any ideas of how to keep cabbage leaves off the ground as the cabbage are growing? Im noticing that every few days some of the leaves that are touching the ground are turning yellow. Ive been removing these leaves as it happens. I have a few ideas regarding keeping the leaves off the ground, but I wanted to check on here first to see if there were any other ideas.

I can easily make a hoop structure to place under the cabbage that pushes the leaves off the ground. Id have to make a few of them, but I don't mind. What if i scrapped the hoop idea and placed some of the cabbage fabric (the lopper prevention fabric) on the ground around the base of the cabbages? Im thinking they would still get pretty wet, and maybe still have the same issue.

Its not every cabbage, just one of two every few days. Its usually smaller leaves at the base of the cabbage. Im assuming its due to it touching the ground. When it rains it causes a lot of the dirt to splash onto the cabbage leaves as well. I usually go around and get the dirt off the leaves directly after the rainfalls to help prevent any damage to the leaves.

Im open to criticism and ideas! LOL.

I may even be way off on my assumptions also. Cabbage are new to me!

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Re: Cabbage Leaves, Keep off ground?

I just plant it and let it do its thing. I just watch it for bugs as cabbage is a favorite of the bugs. A little diatomaceous Earth sprinkled on the plants, takes care of the bugs. Check the leaves carefully both top and bottom for aphids.
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Re: Cabbage Leaves, Keep off ground?

another vote for leaving them be. If you leave the bottom leaves in place on the ground, the rest stay nice.

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