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I planted scallions from seeds (the seed packet said Scallions and that is what I intended to use them for) and then I kind of forgot about them.

I just looked at them today and they are huge! About 2 1/2 feet tall and some of the "leaves" are like an inch wide!

Is it too late to harvest them? Are they still edible at this point?

If I leave them alone, will they eventually grow an onion bulb?

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Re: Scallions

Interesting thing about onions, they are edible at any stage of their development. Use them.
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Re: Scallions

if you grew bunching onions they only produce a small bulb. You can eat the leaves as well as the white part of the stalk, but here the older; wider leaves are only useful for hekka or cooking, they are a little tough for saimin (ramen). Bunching onions will bloom in their second year but start getting fat after about 6 months. I usually only pick the tops and let the roots regrow since I use the leaves more than the bases. Some people will replant the roots, but the older roots will have wide leaves and not the tender thin ones that the younger plants have.
bunching onion seedlings (Koba onion)
bunching onion seedlings (Koba onion)
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