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Re: Cukes gone wild...

Have you had any fruits yet? I hope so. I've had some cucumbers that produced poorly in the past, right next to other plants doing well.

Mine are going like crazy now, every day I'm pulling off 3-4 cukes.

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Hi Michael! Thanks for checking in :)

I actually DID have some fruit. One that was about 4 inches long. But, the plant was choking itself out, all the leaves at the bottom hidden in the dense forest of cucumber leaves and vines were turning yellow and it was just a sad state of affairs. We decided to take action by creating a trellis of garden wire and rebar. I cut off a lot of the dead stuff that was hidden inside, and then tried to unfurl the plant from itself (so difficult with all those little tendrils strangling its own stems). It looks a lot less bushy now, and I accidentally broke the branch that my 4 inch cuke was growing on (OOPS!) but hopefully this will give the remaining girls (there are about 6 of them) a fighting chance at making it to my kitchen table :)

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