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Onion harvesting (timing) question

So...I've always pulled my onions and set them up to cure once the tops "fall over". I'm just now getting to that stage here. My problem is that I'll be leaving for a 10 day vacation next week, and my house sitter isn't much of a gardener. Assuming I still have some onions going just before it's time to leave, do you think I should go ahead and pull them all, even if they haven't fallen over yet? Or should I just leave them in the ground? How long can they stay in the ground after reaching peak harvesting time without getting ruined?

As always, THANKS for your thoughts...

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I would just leave them in the ground. They should be just fine when you return.

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I am guessing that our zones are quite different but I leave my onions in until the end of August or September with no problems. But my garden drains well. So a few more days I wouldn't think would hurt them.

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