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Squash - lack of fruit

Why would our squash plants produce 95% male flowers? I planted the first of May and we only picked 6-7 so far. I check them each morning and all I'm seeing are male flowers...lots of them but only 1-2 females. That's it for all six plants, not each plant. I fertilized, keep watered, but it is hot weather (mid 90's and humid). They wilt down in middle of day as squash usually do and they perk back up overnight.
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Re: Squash - lack of fruit

The high heat may be a problem. High heat and water stress can cause poor flowering. The female flowers are affected first.
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Re: Squash - lack of fruit

Squash........ are you talking Zucchini? You may want to try several varieties of summer squash. You might find one does better in your circumstances? Keep them watered and they will likely produce at some point.
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Re: Squash - lack of fruit

Yeah mixing up different varieties of zucchini, squash, and pumpkins, helps make sure there are always male flowers around... and pollinators too.

I don't know if cucurbits are susceptible but many plants may have flowering stunted by high nitrogen fertilizer.
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Re: Squash - lack of fruit

So, speaking of varieties, which variety are you growing @Brown Thumbs?

I had a thought that there are hybrid varieties of cucurbits that are bred to be mostly female, and they are sold with a few seeds of all-male variety. I can't remember what this is called. I've never bought them, but I understand this type will come either pre-mixed in a packet that are intended to be planted all at once, or come with a smaller packet inside containing the all-male seeds.

Hoever, I agree temperature is supposed to influence male vs. female blossom development in some plants. I posted about some details of this particular phenomenon that I came across while looking into avocado male/female blossoms just recently -- winter?
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